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Exploring Psychological Assessments with Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (DISC) Tool

What is PPA(Personal Profile Analysis)?

Join us for an exciting presentation from Ray Getson of Thomas International who will help you interpret your own Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) tool. All participants will be sent a FREE test to complete prior to the event.


All registered participants will be sent an assessment to complete before the event and receive their results prior to the event to review and discuss 

PPA is a behavioral profile that provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work. It provides the real answers to questions such as:

  • What are this person’s strengths?
  • Is our business playing to this person’s strengths?
  • Which limitations will impact on their ability to be successful?
  • Will this person be successful in a role that is technical, quality or standards focused?
  • Does this person drive for results?
  • Can this person work with and through people?
  • Will this person excel in a service, support or specialist role?


How can PPA help you?


Thomas PPA will help you to reduce the cost and risk of recruitment and speed up your process.


Thomas PPA will help you to reduce staff turnover by identifying what motivates and engages your staff.


Thomas PPA will help you to know precisely where to invest your learning and development budget to achieve the maximum impact on your business.



Thomas PPA will help your managers spend less time managing poor performers and more time motivating top performers by ensuring they are working on the behavioral issues that will bring the biggest benefit to the business.

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