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Ted Mouradian –  Stop Trying to Control the Stream – Workshop


Most people go through life settling for what they can get and not getting what they truly want. They allow their needs and desires to go unfulfilled, always feeling like someone else is controlling their life. Why? They are afraid because they don’t know how to take back ownership and control over their life. The Law of Cooperative Action™ Personal Mastery Programteaches users the critical human skills, tools, and principles that enable them to feel they are 100% in charge of their life and how they act and react to the people and world around them.

Feeling stuck? The Law of Cooperative Action™ Personal Mastery Program, powered by the concept of neutralization, turns what many of us were taught as common sense into common practice. Because neutralizing the root sources of fear, relationship breakdowns, and interpersonal conflict leaves nothing to “resolve” or “manage”.


  • Greater confidence in every interaction
  • Better, higher quality personal and professional relationships
  • Full ownership and accountability for your life
  • A more fulfilling, happier, stress-free life


Ted Mouradian has 40 years of business experience, is past president and honorary life member of the Ontario Real Estate Association and received his degree in Sociology at Brock University. Ted has been a professional speaker for over 30 years, he said he was five when he started.

Ted has written 3 books on the management of professional and personal relationships in the workplace, and is currently completing a fourth.

Ted has worked with organizations throughout Canada, the United States, and Australia putting his proprietary and acclaimed Cooperative Action Model© into practice helping to create long-term, sustainable behavioural change.
Ted is President and co-founder of The 2% Factor Inc. which provides the tools today’s professionals need to improve workplace relations, eliminate conflict and bullying, and create a highly desirable work environment that allows organizations to attract and retain top talent.

Website: www.the2percentfactor.com


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