Board of Directors

These are the current board members for 2018-2019
PresidentOversee organizational operation and act as liaison to coordinate activities of board members. Coordinate luncheon and workshop registrations.Danielle Olmstead-Money
Penske Logistics
Vice-PresidentSupport president and act in his/her place when necessary.Leanne Corbett, Mitsui High-tec (Canada), Inc
SecretaryProvide executive meeting minutes and BHRN thank you notes etc. as requiredMarva Usher, Brantford Police Services
Gail Darling, Gunther Mele.
Treasurer/Web CoordinatorSupervise book-keeping and monitor on-going financial status of organization. Track membership.Tina Hedley
Kelly Services
Current Directors
Members at large
Any other duties that may be required.Nicole Donovan, Hematite
Joan Fraser,
Kuriyama Canada Inc.

Past PresidentBackup & Advisory BoardChantel Macleod