Board of Directors

These are the current board members for 2018-2019
PresidentOversee organizational operation and act as liaison to coordinate activities of board members. Coordinate luncheon and workshop registrations.Chantel Macleod The Marco Corporation [email protected]
519-751-2227 x 230
Vice-PresidentSupport president and act in his/her place when necessary.Peter Osborn
My CxO
Danielle Olmstead-Money
Penske Logistics
SecretaryProvide executive meeting minutes and BHRN thank you notes etc. as requiredMarva Usher, Brantford Police Services
Gail Darling, Gunther Mele.
Treasurer/Web CoordinatorSupervise book-keeping and monitor on-going financial status of organization. Track membership.Tina Hedley
Kelly Services
Current Directors
Members at large
Any other duties that may be required.Nicole Donovan, Hematite
Leanne Corbett, Mitsui High-tec, Inc

Past PresidentBackup & Advisory BoardJoan Fraser,
Kuriyama Canada Inc.